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+ Do you create custom bracelets?

YES! Email us to discuss:


+ Are your bracelets made from real leather?

Yes, and it's sourced from South America and then we use the leather to make our products in our shop out of Tennessee.


+ Can I keep the free bracelet for myself?

This is a judge-free zone. I want you to pass along encouragement to someone else however sometimes the person needing the most encouragement is ourselves. I get it. I've been there. What you do with the free bracelet is up to you and the Lord. ;)


+ Why do you give a free bracelet with every bracelet purchase?

Short answer: because our mission is to encourage as many folks as we can. Read more about it HERE.


+ Can I choose the saying on the free bracelet?

We already have the free bracelets packaged up and ready to roll so we aren't able to allow customers to choose a specific saying/quote/scripture. I fully believe you are given the exact bracelet you need in order to encourage someone else. Plus, it's kinda fun to see which one you'll end up with. ;)


+ How is the free bracelet packaged? 

We package it exactly like the bracelet you purchase and we add a little printed card that is encouraging.


+ What size/color is the free bracelet?

We gift you the standard size in the classic tan color with black typewriter font lettering.


+ Do you ship internationally?

Not yet. We do plan to offer this in the future.


+ What is your return policy?

Please refer to our return policys HERE.

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