humble beginnings

Hi, I'm Kerri, the founder of Kingfolk Co.
This company was not my idea.
Not in the slightest.
I can still remember where I was standing when God dropped about a thousand ideas for this shop in my head all at once. It was humbling and I'm going to be honest...scary.
At the time I was still grieving the sudden death of my dad while also still trying to find my way as a creative entrepreneur.
When someone dies, you quickly realize how important the small things are. The hand written birthday cards. The biscuit cutter he made me from a tin can (my most prized possession). And I wanted to cling to scriptures and quotes that allowed me to heal my heart from such a traumatic experience.

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Before the Lord gave me the idea for this company, I had made myself a bracelet with my dad's handwriting from a birthday card. It was such a comfort and sweet reminder that I could wear all day.

Once the Lord gave me such a vivid plan for what Kingfolk Co was going to be, I began working on all the details. I learned quickly that just because the Lord gives you the idea, doesn't mean it's going to automatically be easy. I worked harder than I ever have before and it took months. I questioned EVERYTHING God told me to do.

I'll be honest, I nearly gave up. Everything about it was just harder than I expected it to be but isn't that how the best things in life are? I've learned so much from launching this company and I'm still learning patience from the Lord. I have the tendency to want to do #allthethings but I have to remind myself,

The most important part and founding mission of Kingfolk Co is our Folks Encouraging Folks project. When you purchase a bracelet from our shop, we automatically gift you with a free bracelet and it's your job to find it's owner. We want to spread encouragement to those who need it the most and we know that you're surrounded by people going through a hard time. Gifting them a bracelet with an encouraging quote or scripture has the ability to change their life.
It's our mission to help you be the hands and feet of Jesus.

if god told me to do this then WHY is it so hard to make it happen??!

I'm just the hands of the Lord here on earth, not the Creator.

My sweet parents. Dad went to be with the Lord in Jan. 2017 

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